Uppers Insoles

World first posture improvement insoles that in addition increase your height by 5 cm. On top of that with your help we're making education available for the less fortunate! 

Hey You,

Always taught your height was something unchangeable? Have you always wondered what your life would be like, if you were just that little bit taller? What once started out as a way to increase our own posture (and height), has now grown into Uppers. Uppers are more than just an insole. They help you perform your duties at home, work and everywhere else and ad that little bit of elegance while doing so. You know what they say: there's nothing sexier then confidence. A good pair of Uppers will definitely give you that.

Lifting You Up

Upper insoles are specially designed by a team of top podiatrists. Combine their knowledge with the latest ground-breaking technology and you have Uppers: a comfortable, lightweight and extremely discreet elevating insole that is easily placed in your shoe. Get yours now and instantaneously enjoy the benefits of your new posture and those 5 extra centimeters.

Your Impact

We are in the business of lifting people up, worldwide. When you buy a pair of Uppers insoles, you're not only lifting yourself up but you're also choosing to lift other people up.

Don't just take our word for it

I have been using the uppers soles for 3 weeks now, since then my posture has improved and I've been feeling more self secure about my height. I use the 3 cm sole on a daily basis and when I wear high top sneakers, I add in the extra 2 cm. The soles are very comfortable, it is like you don't even know you're wearing them except for the height difference. The people around me noticed that I was taller, but no one has a clue that I am wearing these soles. I really recommend this product as it is small and easy to use. You can switch the soles from shoes in a matter of seconds, you can change the height of the soles in a matter of seconds and so on... It simply is a quality product that does it's job extremely well.

Sean R.

I've been testing the Uppers insoles for the last two months. All I can say is that I really love my improved posture and height. I never go outside again witout them

Sam R.

So happy I could test Uppers. I didn't know I needed them but now I do. Not to gain height but to gain elegance. They're great under palazzo pants or flared jeans. I put them in my regular sneakers when wearing my favorite palazzo pants. Everybody thought I lost weight, just because my legs looked longer. Uppers they're a keeper in my wardrobe! 

Tina S.

You are protected

You are automatically protected by our extended 6 month international warranty which means you will receive a free replacement in case you have a manufacturing issue. That's a promise!