Founded with a mission

Uppers story really began back in 2018 in the Jims, a fitness-club in the heart of Brussels. Growing up, our  group of friends was made out of small people and (really) tall people. That day in the Jims we were jokingly telling our tall friends that we wished that we could get some of their height. After our session this made us start to wonder; we're always taught that height is something unchangeable but what if there is a way to change this in a discreet and extremely comfortable manner? Keeping this in mind and being inspired by products that really made a difference in peoples lives and that were authentic to the person(s) who created them: Uppers was born.

A few weeks later we had our very first brainstorm session about the core values of our company. We didn't want to be the next boring insole company. We wanted to have a positive impact worldwide but we didn't want to create a non profit organization depending on donations. We wanted to provide real value and in return, with the profit made, we wanted to lift the less fortunate people up.That day we wrote the first lines about our company's philosophy which still resonate with us until this day:

"We're in the business of lifting people up, by providing education to the less fortunate. We happen to reach our goal by selling posture and height improvement insoles."

Never forget we rise by lifting others ~ Robert Ingersoll. Try it today, we'll bet it put a smile on your face ;-) 

Wishing you all the best,

The whole Uppers team.