Product perspective

"We like to think that Uppers are more than just an insole. It's a way of lifting people globally up!"

Upper are specially designed by a team of top podiatrists. Combine their knowledge with the latest ground-breaking technology and you have Uppers: a comfortable, lightweight and extremely discreet elevating insole that is easily placed in your shoe. 

Our mission has always been to really be the best at what we're doing. We're always trying to push the boundaries on the types of material, types of shape, different things we can integrate throughout the design. One way of doing this is by combining different layers into our insole. By doing this the Uppers insole maintains it's form and height but is still comfortable enough to wear all day. Another unorthodox decision we made was to make a 3 quarter insole. You don't feel any difference as end-consumer but the insole will fit in a lot more shoes then if you would go for a full insole.

It took us more than 1 year and 8 months to elaborate everything and to create the end product. It costs us blood sweat and tears but we're very proud that we created Uppers; a comfortable and safe way, to become discreetly taller!

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