We're Uppers.

We believe in the power of small acts of kindness and solidarity. We believe they can come a long way and have a huge impact. We believe in uplifting people so that they can live a life true to their potential. That's why we spent blood sweat an tears creating the Uppers posture improvement insoles that can increase your height up to 5 cm. We Created an insole you'll never want to take off. For every item you purchase for yourself, you finance one month of schooling for a child in Congo that would otherwise have no means to go to school.

Make A Purchase Make A Difference

Since day one our mission statement has been: we're in the business of lifting people up. We're doing this by making education (in our eyes the most sustainable form of development aid)  available for the less fortunate. We happen to sell insoles to reach this goal. That's why we're currently collaborating with a social project in the South Kivu Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo where it provides schooling to youngsters.

Your Impact

The role of education in poverty reduction is huge. With your help we're providing a small change that will have a huge impact. You're even providing them with something greater. Something that will dramatically change the intercourse of their life; that little spark of hope that will let them dream again.  

Nelson Mandela

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”